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Our Loan Process – 30 Days or Less Closings

1. Please review our website

There are many areas within our website that will help you in answering most questions that you may have.

2. Check your rate

By starting a personalized quote from “See Instant Live Rates and Closing Costs” it will give you several quotes with closings costs for your review. (Even though it will ask you for your email and telephone number, we will not contact you unless you request it.)

3. Complete Online Loan Application

Please complete the online loan application as best that you can by clicking the “Apply” button. It will give you a list of documents needed at the end of the process

4. We will then contact you to review your loan application and lock in interest rate

We will not lock your rate without contacting you and receiving permission and authorization. Most of the time we lock for 30 days period.

5. Gather your supporting paperwork and process your loan (open Escrow, Title)

We will contact you for the status of the requested documents from the initial loan application process completed online. We will open Escrow, Title, and await those documents, 24-48 hour turn around

6. Submit loan to the lender for Underwriting

A fully underwritten loan approval will be issued within 48 hours, we will contact you with the approval

7. Order the appraisal

Sometimes an appraisal waiver will be issued offsetting the requirement for an appraisal. If an appraisal waiver is not issued, we will then contact you to let you know that we will be ordering the appraisal and its process.

8. Go over any loan conditions outstanding

9. Get cleared to Close

10. Sign the formal Loan Documents at Escrow or Home with Notary

11. Fund and Close your Loan